Beta 11.5

Upcoming Updates

Episode 12 - Darkest Depths, Brightest Hights, of Pokémon Full Moon Version is still in a making process. We hope to bring out this version soon!

The download button brings you to the download page of Pokémon Full Moon Version Ep.11! This update involves a bunch of new things and the story to continue.


This game is not a ROM-hack. Pokémon Full Moon Version does not require an emulator to run. Simply extract the folder you can download below, open the folder, run the "game.exe" file and enjoy!

The download .zip button brings you to the download page of a .zip-copy of the game. This button is only for people who experience trouble downloading/unpacking the normal version of the game.

Pokemon Full Moon

Listen to an example of GlitchxCity's remixes

- GlitchxCity's awesome music

- Most of the sprites are from Pokémon Reborn and Pokémon Rejuvenation. Credit to them for the awesome sprites and make sure to check out their games!

- All Pokémon up till generation 8

- Mega Evolution

- An in-depth story

- A big adventure through the Everia region!

- 18 Gyms (1 per type, 14 Gyms in current release)

- A story from Luna's point of view


None of these sprites are mine. All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

Greetings, young trainer! Are you ready to step into the adventures of Luna? You live in Apocillips Cave together with your Arcanine. You have been bullied at Larcheos Academy which is why you ran away from home. Only after your parents seemed to have realised they should had done something. But...  Suddenly, there is someone there for you! Ready to take that person's hand?

Luna & Arcanine by Christine